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An avid reader my entire life, at the beginning of the new millennium I picked up my quill and gave my muse free reign with my thoughts. I write poetry, fiction, and non-fiction for grown-ups and children with publications in many venues both in print and online.

I am a published author with the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series of books (4 to date), Downhome Magazine, Northern Cardinal Review, Feathertale, Travel Itch, and the list goes on.

In 2007 I self-published a book of children's lyrical poems titled "Tell Me A Story", as a fundraiser for the Kiwanis/Unicef Aids Program in the Caribbean. A year later "Sketches of Destiny" was released, and in 2014 "The Masters Garden" became available on Amazon and Kindle. In 2015 "The Last Selkies", "In My Muse's Shadow", "Grammy's Storybook", and "Christmas Gifts to Warm the Heart" were finally published and are available on Amazon and Kindle.

An anthology of "Women in Nature" was published in 2014 and the book is available at Amazon and Kindle. This is a collection of stories from women across North America who feel that oneness with nature. My story, "Miss Adventure" appears in the book which is a delightful read, especially for women. "Fifty Shades of Natural Gray", a collection of delightfully sensual stories from gently aged women, contains my story "To Live Again".

Some of us search a lifetime for what really "moves" us; what inspires us to be all that we can be. I've discovered my greatest passion in life, after my loving family and pets, is writing.  


Welcome to my website! Enjoy your stay and when you're leaving,  please sign my guestbook.


 Compelled to write

I have no choice

My muse demands

To have a voice

I didn’t choose

For this to be

But there’s this thing

Inside of me...

Compelled to write

My feelings down

To the quill

My hand is bound

And when I’m gone

And my soul is free

I’ll leave behind

A part of me

For in my words

I’ve placed my heart

To share forever

When I depart...


© Annabel Sheila




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